Collegiate Objective
 In the next short four years here at college I hope to acomplish as much as I possibly can in and outside of school. I hope to grow as a person and to become a more useful member of society. By learning new skills that will transfer me into the real world and learning what it is like to be all on my own. It is going to be a fun experiance to spend the next few years of my life here in Kalamazoo.
I hope to keep a GPA above a 3.5 for my entire college experiance, I need to keep it at or above this level to remain in sorority life at Western Michigan University. I hope that being in Sigma Kappa allows me to grow my philinthropic activities and to hopefully gain experiance in leading further into my college career by holding an e-board position as a junior or senior, in addition to pushing me to keep my grades at an acceptable level. One other opportunity that I want to make full use of is joining one of the many RSO's that Western has to offer. I recently joined the Business Connection Club and hope to remain a member untill I graduate in 2018.