ECE 6900


Fall 2005


2004 - 2006 Graduate Catalog Description: “This seminar provides students with opportunities to meet with engineering and scientific experts and discuss the theory and practice of real-time embedded system design and implementation.  It is also an opportunity for students to present technical RTES materials to a peer group and faculty.  Prerequisite: Graduate standing in computer engineering.”


Course Instructor:                 Dr. S. Hossein Mousavinezhad, Professor

                                                Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

                                                Room B-229, Parkview Campus


                                                (269) 276-3153, fax (269) 276-3151


Office Hours:                         M, W, F: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.



RESEARCH FOCUS            Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Systems: Theory, AREA:                          Algorithms & Implementation






Each two-student team in this course should, after thorough literature search, make a presentation on a topic in the research focus area stated above. The abstract of the presentation should be forwarded to the course instructor at least one week before the actual presentation.





Course final grades will be based on:


Abstract of presentation, topic relevance and degree of difficulty, 20%

Presentations, 50%

Attendance & Participation in the Class Discussion, 10%

Over-all quality of paper (written report), 20%


Useful URL (e.g., finding papers in IEEE TRANSACTIONS):
ECE 6900, F05 - p.2


COURSE OUTLINE (THURSDAYS, 12:30-1:20 p.m.) version 9-15-05



9/1       Course Introduction and overview, reference sources, journals, model papers


9/8       Faculty Presentations I (Dr. Dong, “Software Defined Radio, Reconfigurable     Wireless Technology.”  Dr. Piatkowski, “On the Mathematics of Modeling Hybrid           (Analog/Digital) Systems.)


9/15     Faculty Presentations II (Dr. Asumadu,  “Optical Laser Triggered High Speed   Photonic Power Devices and Optical Feedback Control and Management           Systems.” Dr. Bazuin, “Signal Processing Considerations in the Wireless Physical        Layer.”)


9/22     Faculty Presentations III (Dr. Grantner, Dr. Atashbar)  


9/29     Presentations 1 (2 student teams)


10/6     Presentations 2 (2 student teams)


10/13   Library Assignment


10/20   Presentations 3 (2 student teams)


10/27   Presentations 4 (2 student teams)


11/3     Presentations 5 (2 student teams)


11/10   Presentations 6 (2 student teams)


11/17   Guest Speaker (or additional presentations, if needed)


12/1     Reserved