my photo Collegiate Objectives

Why Western Michigan University? Long time beat boxing partner and close personal friend Pope Francis once told me, “Me gusta extremos grandes y no puedo mentir, Otros hermanos no pueden negar, Que cuando una, chica entra con una cintura pequeñita, Y una cosa redonda en la cara que conseguir surgido.” I really took that to heart. I did need to find out who I was and who I want to be come. I know that I might make some mistakes along the way- start a drug cartel, join a cult, do a bank heist- but now is a time to make those mistakes; when I’m young.

                 What do I hope to become after my time at Western Michigan University? Billionaire space cowboy. I Know I’m going to have to work really hard to achieve this goal; but as long as I narrowly focus on my goals, have no backup plan, and put all my money into achieving this goal I should be fine. To quote Jesus, “You can do anything you want in this world if you are willing to cross a few grey lines to do it.”