Collegiate Objective

My collegiate objective is to graduate and have a job lined up with a germnan auto manufacturer such as Audi, VW or BMW. As I mention in my interests I really enjoy cars, the inner workings, exterior and even the business that revolves around making them. They say if you love your job you'll never work a day in your life, and I am really trying to achieve that goal. I am a business; sales & marketing major so I plan to use my degree to either market or sell products for my company.

Currently I am entering my second semester here at WMU. I look forward to giving back to the college once I start my professional career. I am going to try my hardest throughout the rest of my years here to ensure my dreams of working for a german auto manufacturer comes true. As of right now I am at a healthy 3.4 GPA but am always striving to bring it as close as I can to a 4.0. Western is a great place to obtain a college degree and I'm glad I chose to go west.