Collegiate Objective

I am at Western to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Sales and Business Marketing. I am hoping to be able to find an internship before graduation in order not only get integrated into the actual workplace, but to find my own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to me that I figure out my strengths and weaknesses so that I can work on them before I find a solid job. Finding a solid job that pays well is extremely important to me so that I can support a family and live comfortably. After graduation I plan to send my resume out to several different archery companies such as Bear, Mathews, Martin, Hoyt, PSE, Athens, Darton, and Parker. My degree in Sales and Business marketing will be key towards becoming part of the sales team at whichever company I become lucky enough to be part of. I do, however, wish to eventually start my own archery and hunting business after a couple years of saving money and gaining connections in the outdoors industry. I know that my education here at Western will benefit me immensely in my future business endeavors.