Fred Bear is a name that many bow hunters are familiar with. The man named Fred Bear passed away April 22, 1988, but his legend will continue on forever through the world of archery. The Bear Products Company, as it was originally called, was started in 1933 in Detroit Michigan and interestingly enough did not begin producing bows. At first, the mainline of Fred’s business was “silk-screening and other advertising work for the major automotive makers.” The company began making bows in 1938 with the help of other woodworkers and soon after in 1940 Fred Bear changed the name of his business to the Bear Archery Company. In 1947 Fred took his dream and expanded the company’s horizons by moving the business to a plant in Grayling Michigan. As archery grew in popularity through the fifties, sixties and seventies, the company became a household name within the archery community throughout Michigan. With the company’s interests in mind, Fred Bear sold the company in 1968. He made this decision so that the company could grow even larger with more capitol to back its endeavors. Fred Bear stayed on as the president of the company and in 1978 the business moved to Gainesville Florida after a plant strike. The move did everything but put the company under, after the move sales increased and the company’s customer base grew. Many archers trust the brand name Bear Archery and its products for their unequaled performance and tradition. As the face of Bear Archery, Fred Bear continued to shoot and design bows up until the age of 86 when the legend sadly passed away. The company has continued to produce some of the best bows in the industry and I personally would be extremely proud to be part of the Bear Archery Company. I along with many other hunter’s respect the man, the name, the legend, and the sport of archery. Without Fred Bear, the archery industry would not be the same as it is today.

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