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Department of Economics
Western Michigan University
1903 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008 USA
PH: 1.269.387.5545



Professor, Western Michigan University. 2006-present. (Assoc. Prof., 2006-13; Asst. Prof., 2000-2006)


Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade, Industrial Organization


·         Indiana University Ph.D. (2001), M.A. (1995)

·         St. Norbert College B.A.(1994)


·         University of Bamberg, June-July 2009 (Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant #3453)

·         University of Kiel, July 2006, February-April 2009

·         University of Otago, March 2006


·         “Spatial Interdependence in U.S. Outward FDI into Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean” (w/ George Nwaogu). Forthcoming, The World Economy.

·         “Spillover effects from inward FDI on the exporting decisions of Chilean manufacturing plants” (w/ Ivan Duran.) Forthcoming, Journal of Industry, Competition, & Trade

·         “Why do Banks Go Abroad? Evidence Using a Three-Way Error Component Model” (w/ Tamrat Gashaw). Forthcoming, Journal of Economics 38 (2012):79-107.

·         “Firm Productivity and the Foreign-Market Entry Decision” (w/ Horst Raff & Frank Stähler). Forthcoming, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 21 (2012): 849-871.

·         “Productivity Differences and Foreign Market Entry in an Oligopolistic Industry.” (w/ Andrzej Cieślik). Open Economies Review. 23(2012): 531-557.

·         “Investment History and Market Orientation Effects in the TFP-FDI Relationship” (w/ J. Kukulski). World Economy 34 (2011): 546-567.

·         Bilateral and Third-Country Exchange Rate Effects on Multinational Activity: Theory (w/ Hartmut Egger & Peter Egger). Review of International Economics 18(2010):1012-1027.

·         “Whole versus Shared Ownership of Foreign Affiliates.” (w/ Horst Raff and Frank Stähler). International Journal of Industrial Organization 27 (2009): 572-581.

·         "Firm Productivity and Foreign Direct Investment into Non-Core Activities: The Case of Japanese MNEs” (w/ A. Cieślik).  Asian Economic Journal 23 (2009): 299-323.

·         “Whole versus Shared Ownership of Foreign Affiliates.” (w/ Horst Raff and Frank Stähler) International Journal of Industrial Organization 27 (2009): 572-581

·         “Firm Heterogeneity, Foreign Market Entry Mode and Ownership Choice” (w/ A. Cieślik). Japan and the World Economy 21 (2009): 213-218

·         “The Choice of Market Entry Mode: Greenfield Investment, M&A and Joint Ventures”. (w. Horst Raff and Frank Stähler). Int. Rev. of Econ and Finance 18 (2009), 3-10.

·         “FDI Location and Size. Does Employment Protection Legislation Matter?” (w/ Dominique M. Gross) Regional Science and Urban Economics 38 (2008): 590-605

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·         “’Following’ or ‘Attracting’ the Customer? Japanese Banking FDI in Europe.” (w/ Marc von der Ruhr). Atlantic Economic Journal 33 (2005): 405-422.

·         “Export Platforms and the Industry-Specific FDI-Trade Relationship.” (w/ Bedessa Tadesse) Journal of Economic Integration 20 (2005): 644-673

·         “Location determinants of Japanese multinationals within Poland: Do special economic zones really matter for investment decisions?” (w/ Andrzej Cieślik). Journal of Economic Integration 20 (2005): 475-496.

·         “Intra- and Inter-industry Linkages in Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Japanese Investment in Europe” (w/ Dominique M. Gross and Horst Raff ). Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 19 (2005): 110-134.

·         “Host Market Characteristics, FDI, and the FDI-Trade Relationship” (w/ Bedassa Tadesse). Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 13 (2004):199-229.

·         “Explaining Japanese direct investment flows into an enlarged Europe: A comparison of gravity and economic potential approaches.” (w/ Andrzej Cieślik). Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 18 (2004): 12-37.

·         “Characterizing Japanese Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe: A firm-level investigation of stylized facts and investment characteristics” (w/ Andrzej Cieślik). Post-Communist Economies 14 (2002), 509-527

·         “Agglomeration Spillovers and Sequential Investment: The Case of Japanese FDI into Europe.” 2001 Association of Japanese Business Studies Best Papers Proceedings, 122-146.


·         “Correlation of Final Grades and Time Spent on Task for MyEconLab use in a Principles of Microeconomics course.” In Ahead of the Curve, Volume 2. Pearson Education: Boston, MA. 2008. (Reprinted in Raising the Bar: The Power of Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering Programs – Case Study Results, Pearson Education: Boston, MA. 2010).



University of Tübingen: University of Bayreuth; Latin American and Caribbean Econ Association (Medellín);Aarhus School of Business, Warsaw University, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, University of Würzburg, Otago Workshop in International Trade, Midwest International Economics Group Meetings, International Atlantic Economic Society @ ASSA, European Trade Study Group, Université de Genève, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, Econometric Society North American Summer Meetings, International Economics and Finance Society Workshop, European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, Purdue University, South-East Economic Theory & International Economics Conference, Assoc. of Japanese Business Studies Annual Conference, Midwest Economic Association; Hope College, St. Norbert College International Business and Economics Conference, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (University of Kiel)



  • 2009. Fulbright Senior Specialist, University of Bamberg (Germany). June/July 2009. (Grant #3453)
  • 2005. WMU, College of Arts and Sciences Teaching and Research Award
  • 2003. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Mini-Grant 03-83-08. “Labor Market Institutions and The Location Decision of Foreign Direct Investment” (with D.M. Gross).
  • 2003. WMU, College of Arts and Sciences Teaching and Research Award. “U.S. Industry-Level Foreign Direct Investment into Europe.”
  • 2001. WMU, College of Arts and Sciences Teaching and Research Award, “Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Eastern Europe and Service Joint Ventures.”
  • 2001. WMU, College of Arts and Sciences Teaching and Research Award. “Japanese Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Economic Integration.”




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 “Allegan tries to please Perrigo,” Kalamazoo Gazette, November 21, 2004.



Journals: Asian Economic Journal; Asia Pacific Management Review; Association of Japanese Business Studies; China Economic Review; Economic Inquiry; Economic Systems; Economics Bulletin; Emerging Markets Finance and Trade; International Economic Journal; Journal of Economic Surveys; Journal of Industry, Trade, and Competition; Journal of International Economics; Review of Development Economics; Review of International Economics; Small Business Economics; Open Economies Review; The North American Journal of Economics and Finance; Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv/Review of World Economics; World Economy; Publishers: Addison-Wesley, McGraw-Hill; Prentice Hall; Pearson; W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research; Worth






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