My first major that I am exploring would be Human Resources Management. I am interested in this major because as a HR manager I get to influence employees and help them develop. What I also love about Human Resources is that out of all the different branches of the company, HR is the one that deals with the most people related issues.  In this major you have to actually care about the well-being of the employees.  My strong suit is dealing with people. I would be able to handle employee arguments and such. When it comes to other majors in business, HR is the one of the few I can see myself enjoying. Traits that are needed to be a successful HR employee include, being able to stay organized. HR employees deal with employee files, payroll, absence tracking and so much more, it is important to be able to keep all these files organized. You need to be able to make fact based decisions. When it comes to firing people, it could become difficult especially if you had a relationship with this person. Thats why it is important to be able to look at facts and the reason they are getting fired and see that person as just an employee and not a friend. Communication skills is a big one also, both spoken and written. In the HR department you are going to be dealing with people so teamwork skills will be vital to have also.

They is a wide variety of jobs in the Human Resource department. Some of which are, HR Assistant, this is an entry level position which handles all personnel-related paperwork and documentation such as employment contracts. There is a HR officer, and they are responsible for recruitment, payroll, training, sickness and absence tracking, establishing staff support systems, and disciplinary procedures. Next comes the HR manager, who is involved in a range of policies, processes and practices that are related to the business. They oversee the other HR employees in the department and provide guidance. There are a number or organizations that deal with Human Resources available, some examples are, The National Human Resources Association, Professionals in Human Resources Association, Society for Human Resource Management. When it comes to educational requirements, a Human Resources associate degree will provide the common knowledge to work as a HR resources generalist, coordinator, or any entry level recruiter. The company I would be interested in working for would be RLE International, which is an International Engineering and Design Company that is working predominately in the automotive industry and that my mom is the Human Resources Manager for. 


The second major I am interested in is Exercise Science. I am interested in this because the body in general is extremely interesting to me and the fact that this major allows me to expand my knowledge on it really attracts me. Understanding injuries and learning about how diet affects the body is something I would interested to learn about. I am also interested in it because I have fractured my back multiple times due to soccer and have had to go through physical therapy so I understand the difficulty of it and was also so intrigued with the therapists that worked with me.  I also like the face that this major allows me to help people that have suffered a traumatic injury, overcome it and get back to their everyday lives. It would be such a rewarding feeling to know I am helping someone improve. A skill that is needed for this major is, the ability to motivate people. I think this is super important because it is tough going through physical therapy, and can be discouraging at times and you have to be able to lift their spirits. You also need to be comfortable working with a diverse population. Being sensitive to others is also needed because some clients are going to be in a highly emotional state and having the ability to deal with that is a necessity. Lastly, an interest in health and fitness is obviously crucial, if you have that, the job will be so much more rewarding and enjoyable. Common career pathways for exercise majors include a Nutritionist which is a person who studies or is in an expert in nutrition, they often coach people who are trying to eat better or patients that have no choice but to change their diet due to health reasons. Next, is Kinesiology, which is the study of the mechanics of body movement. Some associations about Exercise Science include the American Society of Exercise Pysiologists, and the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association.  Where I am interesting in working would be for a sports organization like the NBA or NFL and work with players who have suffered injuries.


The last major I have been exploring is Marketing. I know that I previously stated that I was going to be researching Food and consumer package goods marketing but as I starting researching deeper into it I could tell it wasn't a fit for me. I am way more interested in Marketing because it deals with persuasion and selling goods and services. A thing that really grabbed my attention about Marketing is that there is a little Psychology to it. You need to understand people and be able to identify what annoys them, motivates them, and what they're interested in. Some career pathways include being a Brand Manager, there job is to ensure consistent promotions, pricing and advertising. There is also a Marketing Research Analyst, there job is to research and analyze data on consumer patterns. Lastly, there is a Social Media Marketing Manager, and they figure out how to optimize the internet, mobile, and social media for marketing purposes. Some Marketing Associations include the American Marketing Association, Mobile Marketing Association, and Web Marketing Association.