Future Self

As of 2015, I attend Western Michigan University but in the next 2.5 years, I hope to be graduated and with a job in the area of Sports Management. My family in Grand Rapids on the lake so I hope to around them after graduating. I have an internship with The Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club and after Febuary will be an part time employee until graduation from WMU. I would love to graduate and take on an internship in Chicago for a year or possibly accept a big girl job in Chicago. With a dog, school, work, and internship, I also have a small photography business that I do on my little free time. I continue to do photography and extremely happy with how much it has grown! Excitement for the future is evident and I am extremely pleased with how I have grown over the years. If you see yourself being in the sports industry, click on the Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club photo to learn how to become involved in the sports world and your community!



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