The Impact of Studying

Studying is something that every student will have to do at some point in their academic career, hopefully sooner rather than later. With me personally, there is no better feeling in college than acing a quiz or a test. It is shown through research that a person that studies is more likely to do better than the person that did not study or prepare for an examination. Everyone shares the same hatred for tests, quizzes, and final exams. There are many ways to deal with the fact that you have a test coming up. You can simply do nothing, take a quick look at a review sheet, or dig into the books and study.

I know firsthand how studying can have an impact on your grade. As I was going through middle school and high school I would never study for an exam. Normally I would get either a “B” or a “C” without studying or reviewing notes. I came to college without experience on how to study for big tests and quizzes. This is making my time at college harder and more stressful than it should be. I have never been good at setting time out of my day to sit down and study my notes. My means of studying is normally a very brief scan of the material an hour before the test so the information is in my head.

How do you study for a test? Why do I have to study? These questions still go through my mind all of the time, especially now that finals are just around the corner. The first step in studying is going to class. Remember that you cannot study without taking any notes on the material that is taught to you. Start by writing down heading and important facts. The first step to studying is taking good notes. Some teachers post slides from the lectures on the internet that you can look at while not in class. Everyone learns differently so find out how you learn best. I personally learn better when I am directly listening to the teacher give the lecture and writing down the information as I hear it. I do not learn very well if I just read something on a page.


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