Is Online Newspaper Advertising Cannibalizing Online Advertising
As many know our generation is becoming more and more tech-savey by the minute.
 Advertising was once most know for prink making in newspapers and is now about comercials and online ads.

Is Online Newspaper Advertising Cannibalizing Print Advertising?


            As many know out generation is becoming more and more tech savvy by the minute. What was once known as advertising is owl and boring, a bit old school you could say. I was born in 1995 and I grew up knowing advertising as mostly billboards and newspaper/magazine ads. As I began to get older the field started to interest me more and more realizing that I was interested in business and art. As I have been looking into fields of study and careers in advertising its become painfully aware that the advertising that I had grew up seeing and what inspired me to want to do it myself was becoming not so popular.

            Just in the past decade the newspaper industry has experienced significant erosion of revenues, prominently in print advertising (Shrihari, 2013). Print is become less popular while digital is becoming dominate. Everything is becoming so digital and high tech; everyone wants what’s hot and new. There are even online newspapers now, no longer to you run the mailbox on Sunday morning to get the newspaper, when you can just pull up an app on your ipad and read it right there. Not only is online advertising becoming more popular because of its youthfulness, but it is also cheaper too.


Fields of Study


            I’ve bean to think more and more into graphic design rather than print making because of the little demand on anything not digital. Advertising is such a big field but it is also always changing, you have to know how to get the publics attention or at least your target market. You have to know what people want and what people like, what is appealing to them.

            The authors investigate the veracity of this claim while controlling for three other factors that might have induced changes in print ad revenues: (1) drop in print readership and the increase in the corresponding readership-adjusted ad rates, (2) growing attractiveness of outside media options, and (3) changes in advertisers’ total media budgets. Extending current literature on inter-media substitution, they build a model of advertisers’ budget allocation decisions, accounting for zero expenditures, multiple discreteness, and simultaneity in readership and advertising decisions.” (Shrihari, 2013)




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