Collegiate Objective

I have chosen to go to college because I believe it will greatly benefit me in finding and attaining a job in the future. I am not fully certain on what degree I wish to pursue yet, but by going to college I know I will quickly find what I enjoy and would like to have as my career in the future. The benefits of attending college greatly outweigh the struggle of paying for it in my opinion. In the long run I want to have a steady job in a field I truly enjoy workin in. The oppurtunites opened up by attending college are vast and because of this I am glad I made the decision to attend Western Michian University.

My focus during this early year of college is to find out who I truly am and what I want to become later on in life. I plan on getting involved with different business organizations which will give me an idea of what to expect as I work towards getting a degree and ultimately starting my work career. I am determined to work hard because I know it will pay off, and down the road I will be better prepared as I have put the full effort in. After I graduate I want to be able to have options of where I want to work because my achievements throughout my collegiate years will be sought after and highly reputable.

Michael Nowicki