Collegiate Objective
On a personal level, I am at Western Michigan University to further more my education, and learn what path is right for me. Yes  do want to learn more information to help me succeed in my career, but I am also here to make some more amazing memories and moments, I  am here to meet new people and experience new things and take more opportunitites. Overall, yes i am here to get a further education but I do hope to make more amazing memories then I did in high school. College is a totally different atomosphere and so far I would say I am enjoying it, and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

On a professional level, I want to obtain enough information to be able to succeed in whichever career path I decide. I will put my efforts toward becoming the best student, friend, and daughter I can be. I will join clubs and meet as many people as I can for further connections down the road. I will not turn down opportunites that come my way. I will learn enough information to not only get a degree and a job in a field I love, but also enough information that will make me good, I mean really good at what I do, so I will be successful.