Going into teaching has always been an interest of mine and I finally have the opportunity to pursue a teaching career and I am so excited. Taking the class EDU 107 was a very eye opening opportunity for me as a student looking into the teacher field. Throughout the s the class I had to visit a school that is K-12 and do at least ten hours of classroom observation. When I first heard about having to do observation hours I was kind of nervous and did not know what to expect as a freshmen going into a high school and observing their classrooms. I learned many things about the classroom environment that you do not notice as a student in the classroom, while observing you see so many other sides of the teacher and students and how they do their work and go about their job. Overall this was an amazing experience and was very eye opening for me as a student.

            Going into my observation hours I had no idea at all as to what to expect from the teachers, staff, and students. I was very nervous as to how they would take me being there at the school. As soon as I pulled up to the school and walked in I was very surprised at how small the school was, I figured it would be a lot bigger but it was small in my view. As soon as I walked into the main office the ladies in there where very nice and kind and helped me out very much. Once I meant the principal and he showed me all of the teachers I realized everyone was extremely nice and it unnerved me a lot. I was very comfortable in the school atmosphere and had a very good experience while I was there. The students seemed to all kind of be friends, they had the “Cliques” of course like all schools do but I saw no bullying at all throughout the school. Also I was talking with some of the students and the said that there are never any fights in the school and that mostly people are nice to each other. This got me thinking how the school could keep it to a kind atmosphere, because in my high school there was always conflicts with other students. But then while walking down the halls I noticed how they were having an anti bullying week which I thought was awesome. It is very good to be aware of bullying and address your school about it.

 While sitting in the classrooms watching the teachers and the students I started thinking about how I would want my classroom to be ran. I was in multiple classrooms with different kinds of teaching, some teachers had hands on activities for the students which I really enjoyed, but others just had the teacher up front talking while they took notes. I would want my classroom to be very hands on because of the reactions from the students in the class while I was observing. In the class where they were just taking notes and listening to the teacher many of the students were not paying attention and seemed to not be interested at all. On the other hand though in the classrooms where the teachers had the students get involved they seemed to be way more interested in what the where learning and were somewhat excited to learn. This was very surprising to me, as a teacher you should be able to notice if your students are interested in the subject you are learning about and if they seem to not be interested in how you are teaching it why not change it? When I am a teacher I want to have my students have a say in how they learn because I feel as if they learn better that way and are way more interested.

Classrooms can have a huge effect on the students learning and how they learn, many teachers have very interesting classrooms with many posters and other unique things hung up around the room. Every classroom I was in had things hung up about learning and about their subject. Another big thing I noticed in the school was how the desks were organized. Every room I was in all of the desks where in groups so that the students could work together. This to me is a very smart idea for a classroom, the students can always ask the other students for help and can get a second opinion from them. This also caused for some trouble as well though, some of the students would talk while the teacher was talking and would not be focused on the assignment. The teacher handled this very well which surprised me, usually teachers will just let it go and not say anything. This teacher called the students over and made them move seats and if they were disruptive again they had to leave the room. It is very important if you are going to have the students work together that they do not be distracting to the other students.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go to a school and get a feel for the classroom experience from a different point of view. When I first thought about being a teacher I thought it was easy and was going to be a breeze. It is far from that and doing this observations has changed my mind set a lot but for the good. I want to be a teacher for sure now from visiting and observing these classrooms, it sounds like an amazing job and I want to change lives of students and make a difference, and that is exactly what you can do as a teacher if you take the right approach. I cannot wait to have a classroom of my own and to be able to somewhat set my class up how I want and teach them how I think will help them. I learned many good things from doing my observation hours that will come in handy when I become a teacher. Overall this was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to continue in the education program.

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