Collegiate Objective

Everyone has their own personal reasons for entering college. My reason for entering college is simple, to help better myself and transform my dreams into reality.  I want to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help me start my career. Upon entering college, I knew that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication in order to graduate and succeed. These are all things that I am accustomed to now, being it is my sophomore year of college.

To come succeeding in college I will have to have a positive attitude at all times. College is not easy at all, so I need to always be prepared mentally and physically for whatever’s to come. I want to surround  myself with people who are just like me, having the same mindset as I do. By surrounding myself with positive people and energy, I can get a lot done, and never feel stressed or discouraged because I have a support system. As I see it, failure is not an option and I can only go forward from here. I have control over my own destiny, and everything I do in the present determines my fate. I want the best for myself and more importantly as I stated earlier, I want to turn my dreams into a reality.