Collegiate Objective
      On a personal level, I am entering college to discover more about myfelf and about the world in which I live. True, I want to obtain credentials that will enable me to start a career, but I am also looking for something more. I know I will take a couple of wrong paths along the way, but yet, I know that my true friends will always stay with me and will encourage me to become more than I currently am. Overall, I hope to find a new me, a better me, and continue to grow and improve, both as an individual and as a professional.
     On a professional level, I want to learn enough to strive in my career. One of my more scholarly goals is to achive a 3.5 GPA term for my college career. Additionally, I will become a member of various business societies, where I will begin networking and surrounding myself with people who understand how to succeed. I shall succeed because I have experience and determination on my side.