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= Koorosh Naghshineh


WORK:                                                                         =                                                                                                         U.S. Citizen


                        =                                                                            =


                                   =                                                                            =               Email: koorosh.naghshineh@= wmich.edu=  



            Ph.D., Mechanic= al Engineering - Penn State University (GPA: 4.00/4.00)<= /p>

Thesis: Strategies for the Optimum Design of Quiet Structures: Use of Material Tailoring and/or Active Vibration Control=


          M.S., Mechanical Engineering - Louisiana State University (GPA: 3.75/4.00)

Thesis: Simulation of Underwater Sound Transmission Using Ray Acoustics Approach


            B.S., Mechanical Engineering - Louisiana State University (GPA: 3.195/4.00)



PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION:           Registered Professional Enginee= r (PE), State of Michigan



                                        Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI         =                                                            

                   Professor<= span style=3D'mso-tab-count:1'>                                                 =                       Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

                   Director of Graduate Programs in Mech. Eng.

                 Interim Asso= ciate Chair

                   Interim Ass= ociate Dean for Graduate Education and Research

                 Interim Chai= r


                * Received the Outstanding Teacher Award for service to Students in College of Engineering (2005).

                * Received the Theta Tau Pi Beta Chapter Outstanding Faculty Award in 1999 and 2006 (for teaching excellence).

                * Received honorary membership to the Golden Key National Honor Society in 19= 96 (for teaching excellence).

Courses at WMU:        ME 2560 (Statics), ME= 2580 (Dynamics), ME 3580 (Mechanism Analysis), ME 4530 (Machine Design II), ME 5= 580 (Mechanical Vibration), ME 5620 (Numerical Methods), ME 5640 (Noise Control Engineering), ME 6630 (Structural Vibrations), ME 6640 (Acoustics), ME 6650 (Sound and Structure Interactions),

                                        ME= 4790, ME 4800 (Senior Design Project Planning, and Senior Design Project)

                                        Pr= ofessional Engineering Refresher course (Parts I and II: Eng. Mech.)=

Service:          * Member of the department Graduate committee (94-95, 99-01, and 02- 16)=

                        * Department representative to the College Research and Graduate Programs Council (03-16= )

                        * Member of the department Promotion committee (97-99 and 00-01, 09-11, 15-16)

                        * Member of the department Executive Committee (10-11, 13-15)

                        = * ASME Student Section Advisor (96-04, 10-15)

                        * Pi Tau Sigma Stu= dent Section Advisor (05-09)

                        * Member of the AS= ME Regional Executive committee (96-05)

                        * Member of the department Tenure Sub-committee (01-03, 11-13)

                        * Member of the department Undergraduate committee (94-95 and 00-02)

                        * Member of the Engineers’ Week Steering committee (Treasurer 97-98)

                        * Member of the department Sabbatical committee (99-00)

                        * Department Tau B= eta Pi faculty advisor (94-97)

                        * Member of the department Merit committee (94-95)

                        * Member of the Li= brary committee (96-97)


                                        SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute), Menlo Park, CA                   <= /p>

                 Senior Resea= rch Engineer                                   =        Applied Control & Signal Processing

   Aug.  =                                                                            =                                Group


  Partially responsible for broadband active control of sound radiated from an air conditioner compressor using adaptive algorithms.  Developed a new (patented) method of broadband active noise control from vibrating surfaces which relies on vibration information to alter the acoustic field.  Performed active control of structural vibrations using experimentally obtained impulse responses.  This experiment employed a feed-forward controller that compensated for feedback loop to achieve broadband vibration reductions.  This control technique= was used to control the sound of an air compressor.


                                        The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA                                 =        

                 Research Ass= ociate                                                 =     Applied Research Laboratory

   Aug.  =                                                                            =                                Acoustics Dept.


  The active means used specially designed force actuators to control the vibration response of a cylinder such that it radiated minimum acoustic power.  T= hese force actuators were PZT based inertial shakers that employed a flextension= al design which amplified the small PZT displacements to yield large dynamic forces.  This strategy utilized a combination of analytical, numerical and adaptive control methodologies.  The passive means were centered on the = use of iterative optimization techniques to determine the distribution of structur= al material properties such that the structure is naturally an in-efficient radiator of sound.  The particular distribution of structural material properties was achieved through variati= ons in thickness or specific arrangement of plies of a composite structure.


                                        The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA                        

                 Research Ass= istant                                                 =      Noise Control Laboratory

   Sept. =                                                                            =                                 Mechanical Engineering Dept.


  One such method was based on quadratic optimization of the radiated acoustic power expressed in terms of actuator forces.  The structural radiation characteristic= s were altered by tailoring its vibration response.  Also, experimentally investigated the potential of piezoceramics and shape memory alloys as a means of actuation.  Implemented Finite Element and Boundary Element models of composite plates with embedded actuators to provide numerical predictions of the effectiveness of these actuators for altering structural radiation characteristics. Became proficient in use of the ANSYS finite element packa= ge. Formulated a numerical methodology based on Linear Programming techniques f= or designing quiet structures using variations in geometrical or material properties (stiffness and density). Also during this period, gained hands-on experience with SMS STAR modal analysis software and took responsibility for providing maintenance and user support for the Unix-based Masscomp 5500 sys= tems at the Noise Control Laboratory.



                                        The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, OH                         

                  Staff Engine= er                                                 =              Tire Vehicle Engineering

     Aug.=                    Group Leader                                     =                           Technology Dept.


  This included program plann= ing, project coordination and supervision, evaluation of new technology, monitor= ing projects, general career counseling for group members, decision-making on resource utilization, and evaluation of group performance.  Also, responsible for group representat= ion as well as partial responsibility for budget/contract administration.

                                        The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, OH                         

                  Staff Engine= er                                                 =              Tire Vehicle Engineering

    Jan. =                                                                            =                                  Technology Dept.


  Responsible = for research on tire/vehicle interaction and identifying noise/vibration source= s in vehicles.  Shared responsibility for writing the Acoustical Studies Laboratory data acquisition and analysis pro= gram written in FORTRAN and implemented on Unix-based Masscomp computer. 

<= /span>

                  Research and Development                                =       Tire Performance

    Feb. =                    Engineer                                                 =                        Research Dept.


  Developed a fully automated tire noise = data acquisition and analysis system.  Performed experimental troubleshooting and vibration analysis of structures.  Utilized modal analysis software package MODAL-PLUS in addition to various B&K, HP, and Zonic equipment for noise and vibration analysis.

 <= /o:p>


                  Teaching Ass= istant                                                 =      Department of

    Dec. =                                                                            =                                 Mechanical Engineering

                  Research Ass= istant                                                 =      Department of

    Aug. =                                                                            =                                Mechanical Engineering

  This involved the use = of a ray tracing technique to predict the intensity and trajectory of sound as it travels from a transducer to a moored buoy.  The realistic variations of sound speed with ocean depth were taken = into account.

PATENTS:<= /p>

A. Pone, J. Stahl and K. Naghshineh, "Ankle stress relief device," U. S. Patent No. 7,585,285 (2009).<= o:p>

V. B. Mason and K. Naghshineh, "Method and apparatus for reducing noise radiated from a complex vibra= ting surface," U. S. Patent No. 5,410,607 (1995).



Kim, Wall Emerson, Naghshin= eh, “Effect of Cane Length and Swing Arc Width on Drop-off and Obstacle Detection with = the Long Cane,” submitted to the British Journal of Visual Impairement (= BJVI-16-0033)


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Gill, Job, Myers, Naghshine= h, and Vonhof "Towards a Broader Characterization of Anthropogenic Noise and = its Effects on Wildlife," published in the Behavioral Ecology Journal, 00(00), 1–6. doi:10.1093/beheco/aru219, (Dec. 2014).


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  These reports are considered internal documents of the above companies.



Graduate Projects / Theses:

·&nb= sp;     "Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Vibration and Radiation of a Baffled Beam," by Alex Udumula (M.S.).  Completed August 1995.·&nb= sp;     "Measurement of the Volume Velocity of a Vibrating Beam Using Polyviny= lidene Fluoride (PVDF) Sensors," by Kipp Grumm (M.S.). Completed January 1997.

·&nb= sp;     "Dynamics Analysis of a Mechan= ical Seal Torque Tester," by Loc To (M.S.).  Completed May 1997.

·&nb= sp;     "A Novel Method for Modeling Acoustic Radiation for Vibrating Bodies of Arbitrary Shape Based on Plane-w= ave Superposition," by Dave Burke (M.S.).  Completed June 1997.

·&nb= sp;     "Active Local Volume Displacem= ent Cancellation of a Vibrating Baffled Beam," by Marcellin Zahui (Ph.D.). Completed July 99.

·&nb= sp;     "Noise Evaluation of an Arthroscopic Surgical Handpiece," by Jason Allen (M.S.).  Completed December 99.

·&nb= sp;     "A Method to Determine the Pow= er Input Associated with Rain Excitation for SEA Models," by Marv Mealman (M.S.). Completed April 2001.

·&nb= sp;     "Algorithm to Design a Polyvinylidene Fluoride Sensor for Detection of Total and Local Volume Velo= city of a Vibrating Plate," by Ron Hoofnagle (M.S.). Completed April 2001.<= o:p>

·&nb= sp;     "SYSNOISE Modeling of WMU Reverberation Chamber: Effects of Sounds Source Excitation and Diffusers,&q= uot; by Keat Boon Mah (M.S.). Completed April 2001.

·&nb= sp;     "Review of Southern Michigan Community Noise Abatement Policies," by Michael Brown (M.S.). Completed June 2001.

·&nb= sp;     "Development of an Integrated Sensor for the Measurement of the Acoustic Local Volume Displacement of Vibrating Beams," by Randall Rozema (M.S.). Completed August 2001.

·&nb= sp;     "Characterization of Vibration Properties of a Remington Model 700 Rifle Barrel," by Rod Price (M.S.). Completed August 2001.

·&nb= sp;     "Vibration analysis of a Golf Club - Putter," by Kelly Reynolds (M.S.). Completed December 2001.

·&nb= sp;     "Self Excited Vibrations in Rotor-Shaft Systems," by Karen Smit (M.S.). Completed December 2001.

·      "U= sing the Boundary Element Method for Prediction of Sound Radiated from an Arbitrarily Shaped Vibrating Body

·&nb= sp;     ," by Mark Christensen (M.S.). Completed August 2002.·      "Development of a Simu= lation for the Prediction of Pvdf Surface Velocity Sensor Response for Vibrating Beams and Rectangular Plates=

·&nb= sp;     ," by Brian Zellers (M.S.). Completed December 2002.<= /p>

·&nb= sp;     "Investigation of the Influence of McPherson Front Suspension Design on Vehicle Ride and Handling" by Marc Kuebler (M.S.). Completed December 2002.·&nb= sp;     "Simple Model of Human Hand/Arm Interface for Medical Device Testing" by Joe Marietta (M.S.). Completed July 2004.

·&nb= sp;     "Design of a Transmission Loss Window for the WMU Noise and Vibration Laboratory,&q= uot; by Jeff Edinger (M.S.). Completed April 2005.<= /p>

·&nb= sp;     "Prediction of Shaft Vibration Modes in a Geared Transmission System," by Kevin Ma= rsh (M.S.). Completed June 2005.

·      "Selection of attractor sounds for an audio-based navigation system for the visually impaired," by Brad Salisbury (M.S.). Completed August 2006.=

·      "Detection of hybrid and quiet vehicles by blind and visually impaired pedestrians,&qu= ot; by Jay Pliskow (M.S.). Completed December 2010.

·&nb= sp;     "Beading and Dimpling Techniqu= es to Improve the Vibration and Acoustic Characteristics of Plate Structures,&= quot; by Nabeel Alshabatat (Ph.D.). Completed August 2011.

·      "Design of a Catenoidal Shaped Anechoic Termination," by Kyle Myers (M.S.). Completed April 2012.

·&nb= sp;     "Analysis of Vibroacoustic Properties of Dimpled Beams Using a Boundary Value Model," by Kyle Mye= rs (Ph.D.). Completed June 2015.

·&nb= sp;     Development of an Analytical Model for Beams With Two Dimples in Opposing Directions,” by Mofareh Ghazwani (M.S.). Completed December 2016.<= /span> 


 <= /span>

UNDERGraduate Projects:

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *&nb= sp;      "Robot Gripper Design," by Rich Kaiser and Darrell Telgenhoff (Completed 4/96).

*&nb= sp;     "Demonstration of Acoustic Characteristics of a Passenger Vehicle," by Nathan Hartman and Fred Jackson (Completed 4/97).<= /p>

*&nb= sp;     "A New Transition Conveyor System," by Brian Kennedy and Kevin Pelka (Completed 4/97).

*&nb= sp;     "Dishwasher Pump Test Rig for Sound Measurement," by Jonathan Chong and Chris Lennon (Completed 4/97= ).

*&nb= sp;     "Device for the Extraction of Aluminum Plug Welds from Prop-shafts," by Daniel Carpenter and Douglas Gilbert (Completed 12/97).<= /p>

*&nb= sp;     "Force Adjustment Mechanism fo= r a Chair," by Tod Bennett and Jim Holman (Completed 12/97).

*&nb= sp;     "Test Fixture for Dishwasher P= anel Noise and Vibration Analysis," by Chris Jaques and Shane Niswander (Completed 4/98).

*&nb= sp;     "Conveyor Drive Mechanism to P= ower Skewed Rollers," by Michael McGettigan and Dennis Pasco (Completed 4/9= 8).

*&nb= sp;     "Test System for Dynamic Characterization of Elastomers," by Jeff Glodich and Dan Selvidge (Completed 4/98).

*&nb= sp;     "Piezoelectric-actuated Pneuma= tic Valve," byAmy Barnes and James Knight (Completed 12/98).

*&nb= sp;     "Integrated Fan Balancing System," by Ed Clifford and Jennifer Siegel (Completed 4/99).

*&nb= sp;     "Acoustic Barrier to Reduce Noise," by Matt Holuszko and Geroge Ponchaud (Completed 4/99).<= span style=3D'font-family:"Times","serif";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-no-proof:no'>

*&nb= sp;     "Sagittal Saw Attachment for t= he Extraction of Bone," by Matt Maurin and Matt Powell (Completed 4/99).<= /span>

*&nb= sp;     "Gripping System for Testing Surgical Cutting Tools," by Ted Bloomfield and Tim Bozung (Completed 4/99).

*&nb= sp;     "Design Modification of a Surg= ical Handpiece," by Ben McKinney (Completed 12/99).

*&nb= sp;     "Design and Analysis of a Vibratory Finishing Machine," by Brian Burroughs and Jeremy Hammond (Completed 12/99).

*&nb= sp;     "Feasibility of a Composite Fr= ame in the WMU Solar Car," by Ethan Featherly, Jeff Scheuren and Matt Waldschmidt (Completed 4/2000).<= /p>

*&nb= sp;     "Noise Reduction of an ACME-Gridley Multi-spindle Bar Machine," by Julie Earle and Greg Steff= en (Completed 4/2000).

*&nb= sp;     "Redesign of an Orthopedic Shaver," by Kevin Engemann and Ross Thelen (Completed 4/2000).<= span style=3D'font-family:"Times","serif";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-no-proof:no'>

*&nb= sp;     "Pressure Seal Door for a Wash= ing Machine," by Joe Barker, Mark Christensen and Randy Rozema (Completed 4/2000).

*&nb= sp;     "Shock Pulse Control for a Hor= izontal Impact Tester of Shipping Packages," by Betsy Sundalius and Brian Zell= ers (Completed 12/2000).

*&nb= sp;     "Analysis of Twist in an Automobile Axle," by Troy Baker and Charles Moran (Completed 12/2000).=

*&nb= sp;     "Universal Cam Phaser Leak Test and Stand," by Mark Lemieux, Paskell Miller and Alex Schramm (Completed 12/2000).

*      *      *      *&nb= sp;     "Microphone Probe Positioning System for 3-D Sound Measurement," by Randy Robison and Kyle Overheul (Completed 4/2001).

*&nb= sp;     "Redesign of 3600-Pound Vertic= al Boat Lift," by Matt Beach and Dan Demski (Completed 11/2001).

*&nb= sp;     "Design of a Measurement Platf= orm for an Aircraft Cargo Door Actuator," by Aaron Klap, Dan Rapin, and Ian Worcester (Completed 4/2002).<= /p>

*&nb= sp;     "Design and Fabrication of a Laboratory Device for Demonstration of Helmholtz Resonators," by Zoren Gasper and Marissa Melchior (Completed 4/2002).

*&nb= sp;     "Redesign of an Aircraft Cargo Door Actuation Test Stand," by Luigi Guido, Bryan Scherer, and Ryan Whitmore (Completed 4/2002).<= /p>

*&nb= sp;     "Test Fixture for Study of Acoustics of Moving Sound Sources," by Robert Booth, Kevin Braat, and = John Stahl (Completed 12/2002).<= /p>

*&nb= sp;     "Ergonomically Sound Design of Bottom Dishwasher Rack," by Dena Dobson, Bethany Hyvarinen, and Katie Roberts (Completed 12/2002).<= /p>

= *      "Fixture for Measuring Forces in a Washing Machine," by Kristara Daniels and Kyle Neff (Completed 4/2003).=

= *      "The Automation of a Gray Iron De-Gating System," by Nic Milani and Jason Miller (Completed 4/2003).

= *      "Redesign of a Motorcycle Clutch Actuation System," by Bradford Feiler and Peter Meyer (Completed 4/2003).=

= *      "Design of a Sound Enclosure for a Rotary Vane Pump," by K= eith Brandau and Matthew Mollick (Completed 4/2004).

= *      "Design of an Automated Part Delivery System for a Welding Operation," by Michael O'Donnell and Ross Rochester (Completed 4/2004).=

= *      "Simple-to-use Mechanism for Lifting Heavy Grating Doors,"= by Edwin Teh (Completed 12/2004).

= *      "Reduction of Dishwasher Pump Pulsation Sound," by Joseph Allen, Adam Elenbaas and Arren McCormick (Completed 12/2004).=

= *      "Flour 'Swift-Sift' Mechanism," by Steve Schultz (Completed 12/2004).

= *      "Redesign of a Dust Collection Drive System," by Mike King (Completed 4/2005).=

= *      "Error Detection Devic= e to Prevent Production of Undersized Pinion Gear Bores," by Scott Koepplin= and Neil Maurer (Completed 4/2005).

= *      "Design of a Telerobot= ic Arm that Manipulates Objects on a Human Scale," by James Kamanda and Kevin Doyle (Completed 12/2005).

= *      "Stamper Modification = for Direct Labor Impact Reduction," by Amy Alix and Bisceglia Ridley (Completed 4/2006).

= *      "Redesign of an Automo= tive Exterior Door Handle Safety System," by Tyler French, Brian Kohlsaat a= nd Marlo Wolicki (Completed 4/2006).

= *      "Study of Accelerated Chemistry Approach to Vibratory Part Finishing," by Chad Beutel, Kevin Schaefer and Brian Tucker (Completed 4/2006).

= *      "Design of a Reversibl= e Side Swing Oven Door," by Jamie Hudon and Michael Kupiecki (Completed 4/200= 6).=

= *      "Noise Reduction of Pu= mps in a High Efficiency Washing Machine," by Matt McLean and Greg Stevens (C= ompleted 12/2006).

= *      "Redesign of Front Loa= ding Washing Machine Ventilation System," by Jacob DeWind, Tamika Donaldson, and Morledge Dorris (Completed 12/2006).

= *      "Redesign of an Electr= onic Locking Differential fro Traction Enhancement," by Christopher Foltz a= nd Matthew Fox (Completed 12/2007).

= *      "Microprocessor Contro= ller Suspension System," by Grant Adams and Grant Gillispie (Completed 12/2007).

= *      "Redesign of Heavy Duty Medium Stub Tower Assembly," by David Markle and Cedrick Shelton (Completed 12/2008).

= *      "Assessment and Treatm= ent of Poor Acoustics in a Classroom," by Krisana Gutierrez and Jay Pliskow (Completed 4/2009).

= *      "Mechanical Shaker Tab= le for Hybrid Earthquake Testing of Structures," by Jonathan Holtz, Justin Po= el, and Heather Schmitt (Completed 12/2009).

= *      "Redesign of an Ankle Gapping Device," by David Douma and Joey Mulick (Completed 12/2009).=

= *      "Design of a Side Swin= ging Oven Door," by Eric Gassman and Kyle Mills (Completed 4/2010).<= span style=3D'font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";mso-no-proof:no'>=

= *      "Characterization of Aerospace Grade Hydraulic Hoses," by Andrew Oman, Travis Thorpe, and Andrew Woods (Completed 12/2010).

= *      "Design of a Life Cycl= e Test Apparatus," by Ryan Cowherd, Matthew Gilman, and Benjamin LaBelle (Completed 4/2011).

= *      "Powered Tree Pruning Shears," by Mark Kaiser and Ashley Whitfield (Completed 4/2011).=

= *      "Redesign of Musical Instrument Key Soldering Fixture," by Fred Oehmke and Michael Severns (Completed 12/2011).

= *      "Redesign of a Lockable Telescoping Cane for the Visually Impaired," by Ahmad Alghamdi, Mitch Button, and Torri Garland (Completed 12/2011).

= *      "Design of a Mechanism= for a Variable Input indoor/Outdoor Aerobic Exercise Machine," by Daniel Wal= ker and Brandon Weeda (Completed 4/2012).

= *      "Design of an Adjustab= le Compression Headband for Ear Muffs," by Brent Centar, Stephen Duane, a= nd Kevin Nowakowski (Completed 4/2012).

= *      "Vibration Reduction o= f a Cardboard Manufacturing Machine," by Chris Henegar, John Kalbfell, Ant= hony Konesni, and Greg Morgan (Completed 12/2012).

= *      "Noise and Vibration Reduction of a Clothes Dryer," by Emily Cobbs, Ben Donoghue, and Dan O’Hare (Completed 4/2013).

= *      "Analysis of Automotiv= e Axle Noise and Vibration," by Matt DeYoung (Completed 4/2013).=

= *      "Large-scale, Modular = and Tunable Mechanical Piano-keyboard for the 2014 Gilmore International Keyboa= rd Festival," by Chad Hague and Michael Riley (Completed 12/2013).= =

= *      "Low-Torsion Bushing f= or Commercial Vehicle Leaf Spring Eye," by Steven Molesworth (Completed 4/2014).

= *      "Clothes Dryer Motor N= oise Investigation," by Tyler Burnett, Oscar Munoz, and Sarah Vicary (Compl= eted 12/2014).

= *      "Design of a Scaled-do= wn Robotic Relief Transport Vehicle for 2015 ASME Student Design Competition,&= quot; by William Nichols and Zach Smith (Completed 4/2015).=

= *      "Design of a Quick Con= nect Coupler for a Surgical Drill," by Alex Auer, Zach Chester, Anderson Egerer, and Ryan Neal (Completed 12/2015).

= *      "Design and Fabricatio= n of an Instrumented Cane for the Blind," by Aaron Dean, James Bowman, and Nathan Wortman (Completed 12/2015).

*&nb= sp;     "Design of a CubeSat Sepa= ration Mechanism," by Greg Bosma, Andrew Drummond= , and Ross Hiller (Completed 4/2017).





Invited speaker at the West= ern Michigan SAE section (4/96 on Active Noise Control)

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Koorosh Naghshineh


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