Nick Nacci’s Midterm Exam

Gif vs. JPEG

The difference between GIF and JPEG in terms of file size is JPEG take up more space than GIF do. JPEG images use more colors and details which takes up more space on your computer. The difference between them in colors is that JPEG uses more colors than GIF do. GIF uses web safe colors primarily while a lot of JPEG images do not making them not as internet friendly opposed to GIF images. The formats for both of these images are created is that a GIF images usually is a lower quality photo or image that can be used easily on the internet. The format of a JPEG image is that it is a high quality photo or image that is used for professional websites such as photography. You would choose GIF format over JPEG when you want to use a simple image for your website and do not care as much about picture quality. You would use a JPEG over a GIF image when you want a high quality to photo to show a professional picture or image.