Nick Nacci’s Midterm Exam

Primary vs. Secondary Target Audience

The difference between the primary audience and the secondary audience of your website is that the primary audience is the people who are on your website specifically for the purpose of what your website is about. So if your a relator and you are trying to sell homes you have a website. The primary audience of your website will be people who are looking to buy a house. A secondary audience are people who are not primarily focussed on the purpose of your website but came to your website for another purpose. So lets say on your Realestate website you have a community event calendar or you have tips on how to take care of your home or maintain its value. Anyone coming to your site for these reasons are your secondary audience. They are not ready or want to buy a home just yet but you offer other resources that server their needs. Why you need to target secondary audiences is because if you get their interest they eventually will become your primary audience when they are interested in what your website is about. The secondary audience in the real estate example would start wanting to buy homes or sell eventually an since you already got their attention with other resources on your page they will look to you.