Freestanding Webpages

Unlike a book with multiple page but bound toghether into a single unit, a webpage that is part of a webpage is not integrallyy linked to the whole site. Each page stands alone- a single HTML document with its own URL that can be accessed directly.

Search engines often display links to interior pages where the search the key words appear. This can cause confusion among visitors because it is not apparent to them where they are first. Hence it is important to give information key information about the site on every page in order to make every page "free standing".

We should provide information on 'who,'where', and 'when' at the bottom of every page. That is, who is the author/owner of the site where is the author/owner physically located, and when was the information on the page last updated.

Nick Nacci, student, Western Michigan Univerity, Kalamazoo M! 49008

Last updated: June 21, 2016