Search engine Optimization

Most web users arrive at a website via search engines. If we want to increase traffic to our site we need to make our site search engine friendly; that is, we should optimize our website so that search engines can discover and display a link to our website correctly.

There are three major recommendations to make our website search engine friendly.

1. Always provide a TITLE to your webages. Dreamweaver assigns a default title "Untitled Document" whenever a new html document created. We should change this default and give an appropriate title. Else your page in search results will be title "Untitled Document". There is no better way to give a bad impression about your site to a potential visitor.

2. Assign the metatag "keywords" thereby telling the search engines what the most important key words are. You want the search engines to index your page using these key words.

3. Assign the metatag "description". This is a brief description of your site that is displayed in search results under the title/link to your webpage. Providing a clear description helps a web user decide if your site is likely to meet his or her information needs. It certainly gives a good impression to the potential visitor.


Nick Nacci, student, Western Michigan Univerity, Kalamazoo M! 49008

Last updated: June 21, 2016