Collegiate Objective

My main reason for pursuing a college education is to discover what I excel at and what I would like to seek as a career. In the next three years my goals include keeping my cumulative GPA above a 3.00 and graduating with one major and two minors. Currently I am exploring all possibilities for a major because I'm unsure of what I would like to study.

Another academic goal I have is to study abroad in Japan. Since one of my minors is Japanese I believe this would be an eye opening experience that would help me learn very interesting things about their culture and other aspects of life.

A very important step for me in figuring out what I would like to do as a major is deciding what I excel in and have the ability to do as a career. I enjoy working with computers and writing code for certain website programs and web designing. I also enjoy learning all types of foreign languages.

I believe that my ability to try new things and work ethic will help me suceed in college. I also believe college is a very important part of having a sucessful life. For these reasons I know that even though it has been a hard journey so far, it is worth exploring because everyone should get a college education.