About WMU

WMU is located in Kalamazoo Michigan. Kalamazoo is a great place for young people to thrive. There is great entertainment and our downtown district is great for shopping, going to a muesaum or studying in a small coffee shop. Whatever you are looking for in a college experience, WMU can give it to you. WMU is one of the top ranked universitys in the nation and continues to grow.


WMU Fun Facts:

Est. in 1903

Our campus is 1,289 acres and 167 buildings

245 Degree Programs

24,294 total students

Average student ACT score 20-25

WMU awarded $275 million in financial assistance in one year

WMU enrolls nearly 1,700 international students

WMU is now in the process of building a medical school

Majority of students are in at least one registered student organization (RSO)