About Human Resource Managment and it's Importance


Human Resources Managment (HRM) is something in the workforce that will never go away, it will be a job that will always be in need and it will be someone who takes charge and is assertive. The major purpose of HRM is to increase and improve the productive contribution of personnel to the organization in more ethical, social, and administratively responsible way. This purpose emerged from commonly called industrial relations, personnel administration, industrial psychology and personal management. HRM is not just another personnel management fad. Research shows that its aim is to create a whole organizational culture that binds workers to the company’s objectives with full professional commitment, integration, and quality work. Human resource management (HRM) decisions are likely to have an important and unique influence on organizational performance (Becker, 2010). The HRM posistion has a lot to do with the companys efectivness, how hard the employees want to work and how empowered they feel while being there(Ferris). A lot of company's see HRM as one of the most important sections of a company because how powerful is a company if they don't have any employees. It is crucial to keep the poeple in the company feeling positive and energetic and empowered at work (Armstrong). HRM majors get a job quicker than most people because they are in such high demand and start with a higher paying salary.


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