The Waist Trainer

This is our standard latex waist trainer. It comes in black and nude colors.
This waist trainer starts at a size 30in waist and goes up to a 48in waist.
The cheetah print trainer is for our sport latex trainer.
The sport latex trainer is for working out and allowing more flexability for the body.

The Vest Waist Trainer

This is our standard latex vest waist trainer. It comes in black and nude colors.
This waist trainer starts at a size 30in waist and goes up to a 44in waist.
The vest helps eliminate back fat from your body as well as trim your waist and hips.
The vest also helps support your back while wearing it.

The Butt Lifter

If you want to develop a bigger, fuller, plump and rounder butt, you may have already tried several different options. Maybe you’ve spent time working out and completing focused exercises such as squats in lunges. Maybe you have spent money on pills or cosmetic creams, hoping to get fast results. Many of those exercise programs, pills, and creams promise that you’ll see results – sometimes in as little as a couple of days. The truth is that none of these methods can give you the butt you want in less than a couple of weeks. After working out for thirty days of doing squats and lunges I started to see results around day twenty. Pills and creams should be used along with a good exercise program. Sometimes it will take months before you are completely satisfied. There is another way to reach the goal that you may be working on. The butt lifter is a garment that will give you immediate results when you just can’t wait for the long-term pay off. These garments may come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

How They Work
Butt lifter garments are made from many different special fabrics that compress and support the area around the buttocks. They help shape and curve hips and butt. The types of fabric that are used to make these types of garments are breathable to prevent chafing and overheating. Plus, many have the added benefit of slimming and shaping the waist, hips, stomach, or thighs. Some of these undergarments have longer lengths in order to provide additional support. As you consider the various butt lifter undergarment options, look for those that have comfortable bands to hold the garments in place. You should also search for those garments that come at a competitive price.

Three Popular Butt Lifter Styles

The Booty Pop is a nickname of one popular form of these garments has openings placed strategically to let the butt pop up while supporting the position of the buttocks.

Another form of the garment provides the same general support, but instead of using supportive openings, the fabric is used to provide a bigger, rounded, lifted bottom. This may be a more comfortable option for some wearers.

The third option provides additional padding to add a bit of ‘oomph’ when you really want more than you already have. They give more support to the thighs, waist and hips. These padded garments are available in stylish options for those times when you are concerned about keeping extra material to a minimum.


What are some other options?
Once you have decided the shape of your butt lifting garment that best fits you choose which color you would like. Do you want the garments in black or white or beige? Some styles may come in pastels or jewel tones. Do you prefer silky or laceundergarments? Are you interested in an undergarment that provides tummy and thigh control as well as shaping? Look for undergarments in the form of:

Bliss FatGirl Products

Description: Six Pack Tummy Toning Gel
This is a powerful blend of six actives. To sculpt a six-pack, you need to exercise and eat healthy, but to help you in your journey for a beautiful core, we developed this tummy-toning gel.

Our products contains a powerful blend of six actives to assist in toning and firming:
caffeine plus amino acids,
creatine, oat kernel extract,
latex-rich manilkara tree extract,
menthol and a special botanical extract.

They're all delivered with a built-in nubbed applicator, designed to strategically massage the formula into your skin. As part of your body-bettering journey I suggest using in combination of regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular vigorous massage. This product  is not for weight or fat loss.

Packed with six actives to assist in firming and toning your skin
Formula is released through a nubbed massaging applicator to massage formula into your skin

Descripton: The Soothing Firming Overnight Cream
Get a full night's 'booty' sleep with bliss fatgirl sleep, the PM partner to our famed fatgirlslim firming cream. This cream helps make the most of your body's overnight resting time.

Formulated with an encapsulated complex of;
sacred lotus flower
red algae extract
soothing lavender

Helps visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite
Promotes a sleep-friendly environment with soothing lavender

Description: The Love Handler Fat Burning Gel
The lovehandler targets the waist area to energize the body and burn fat.

energizing extended release caffeine
cool burst of mint oil

Firms and tones your waist and back






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