Collegiate Objective
Going off to college is a whole new way of life. The people, the community, the pressure, everything is different. I am very close with my parents so to be away from home and do everything without them is weird. I came to college to get a degree but also to learn more about myself. I want to know exactly who I am and what my actions are in certain situations. I am hoping I leave college with a full understanding of myself and the ways of life.

On the other hand I came to college to gain enough knowledge to have a successful career. School is not the only thing that I will be focused on. Hockey is a big part of my life so I will be playing hockey for my school. My biggest strength is my determination to succeed and I am hoping I can use that skill to absorb all the information that is needed. Business is my major and I will succeed in that area because of my skill with numbers, my organization, and determination. When I graduate with a business degree, there will be businesses seeking me out to begin the new life with them.