I plan to take two years of classes then go into the Haworth College of Business. I want to get a degree in bussiness so that I can help my father in the family business. I am also very good with numbers and problem solving. So that influences my decision in management.

For management Western Michigan University prepares us students based off of 5 core ideas. Those ideas being: Problem solving and decision making, leading people, teams and groups, communication, quality management and process improvement, and lastly ethics. One of the most critical functions that you need to be able to do as a manager is the ability to make decisions in order to have an organized business. Some professional activities that I may need to do as a manager include planning, directing, coordinating, and project management. As far as possible professional positions some examples of those include a management trainee, an entrepreneur, a branch manager, sales representative, a buyer, a store manager, a consultant and many more. (Western Michigan University , 2014)

Regarding the credits I need to graduate with a Management Major (MGTJ) I need 24 credit hours. I will need to take 5 management courses, all three credit hours each, adding up to 15 credit hours. After I will need to take a Project leadership class or a Leadership in Business
Organizations class to get myself 3 more credit hours making 18. Then for the last 6 hours I will need to take two elective management courses out of the 11 classes offered to complete the 24 credit hours in order for me to graduate. (Western Michigan University Catalog, n.d.)

With my bachelor’s degree in management, depending on which specific management I decide to go in to I could make anywhere from $80,000 per year to $115,000 per year. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012 the lowest salary for a management position was $81,080 and the highest salary with a bachelor’s degree was $115,750 per year. (United States Department of Labor, 2014)


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