Collegiate Objective
My college objective is become smarter and earn my degree being able to say that is a huge accomplishment. People dont realize how hard it is for a student athlete to succeed in school. It is so easy to put sports infront of school and real easy to get behind in school. School is very important to me and i want to learn and i try to learn everyday and make myself smarter every day. Baseball is my life and i want to succeed in that too but school comes first. Being a student athlete is being a student first.

My whole college dream is to play in the MLB but not everyone does that so with the passion and determination us freshman have on the team we can do well. We all want to turn the program around and make sure that this school starts doing well in all sports not just baseball. Making this school competetive not only in the MAC but with other conferences as well. Making this school a better place and making kids want to come here is the first priority for incoming recurits with us.