People are with the idea of multiculturalism allows for a more open-minded society. It brings together people with different views and forces them to work together and communicate with each other. But, multiculturalism only works if it lacks a dominant culture.

 Egypt were afraid of the birth rate of the minority (Israel) and started killing their boys, Bokom Haram people killing Christians in northern Nigeria, and the war between China and Japan; all in the name of dominance and power. Different cultures in a country or society has apparently been embraced by everybody, but there is a silent creation of division; resentment and hatred, and it has course more damage than for good. Human or every organization loves to be heard. Every human part of human life is a challenge, consciously or unconsciously. And where there is a challenge, there is a level of superiority.

History can prove that, over 90% of wars are caused by multiculturalism. For instance, the war between Israel and Palestine, Israel and Gaza and Iran and Iraq all stated with their people living together at their borders.

 Most countries or societies believed to be practicing multiculturalism. But when looked into is practicing assimilation. South Africa is a country with a lot of ethnic groups. After their independence, they wanted to choose official language one of the local languages as their official language. It created a conflict within the country, due to multiculturalism. Now, they have over ten languages as their official language, which should have resolve things as a multicultural nation, but the still tribe fighting for dominance, because no want to be minority. Separate and parallel societies within the same geographic area create warfare, as each tribe either fights for resources or to merely unite its own people. Out of one, many, creates war.

Division of people with very close cultural practices could help resolve the conflict. India had similar problem, they avoided a massive civil war by separating into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and Roman Empire also was divided into modern Europe to avoid war.

Some of the bad side to multicultural societies includes racism, discrimination and injustice. For instance Mahatma Gandhi was jailed for speaking against high tax after World War II, most Muslims being classified as terrorist and blacks are being called monkeys in sports games.

A nation and the people inhabiting it have their own identity. People migrating in from a different country should, up until a certain point, accept and integrate into the culture they have chosen to live amongst. Learn and  respect the native culture and understand the people living within it. And system should spread out and establish punishment for offenders who make discrimination to level the field since we say we are practicing multiculturalism.


 The Globe and Mail may 20th, 2014