Collegiate Objectives
There are a number of reasons why I chose to attend college rather than a different route after high school, but the biggest reason is because of my mother. Being a single mother since I was 7 years old she raised me into the man I am becoming today. She gave up so many things so that my brother, sister and I could have the life we have today. Changing her careers a handful of times makes me want to get my degree here and be able to tell her one day that I made it. Yes, I am doing this because I want to but she is my motivation and she helps me envision my future. WMU has such a beautiful campus and is a great place to receive an education. It is easy to make friends here because everyone is so friendly and often so willing to smile or even say hi on the path. I'm so blessed to be able to say that I attend such a wonderful and prestigious institution like Western Michigan. I wish that after I am finished here I can obtain a job that I enjoy doing and I can do it to the best of my ability.