Ok-Kyeong Kim

Office: 4423 Everett Tower

Phone: 269-387-4392

Email: ok-kyeong.kim@wmich.edu



Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction, University of Missouri – Columbia, 2002

Teaching interests

  1. Content courses for prospective elementary/middle school teachers
  2. Methods course for prospective elementary school teachers
  3. Mathematics curriculum
  4. Psychology of learning mathematics

Research interests

  1. Mathematics curriculum
  2. Teacher knowledge and capacity needed for effective curriculum use
  3. Mathematical thinking in school and non-school settings
  4. International Comparative studies


Dr. Kim is Associate Professor of mathematics education in the Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University. She specializes in teaching mathematics content and mathematics methods courses for prospective elementary and middle school teachers. She also teaches theories of learning in general and theories of learning mathematics in specific from various theoretical perspectives and psychological traditions.

My current research centers on the role of teacher and curriculum in mathematics instruction and the relationships among teacher, curriculum, and instruction, especially, teacher knowledge and capacity needed for using curricular recourses effectively to teach mathematics, and curricular support for mathematics teaching and learning. In particular, in a five-year, NSF-funded project, Improving Curriculum Use for Better Teaching (ICUBiT), I have been collaborating with Dr. Janine Remillard at the University of Pennsylvania to further investigate teacher capacities and knowledge needed for effective curriculum use. I am also interested in the development and use of mathematical thinking in school and non-school settings, and international comparative studies on curriculum and curriculum use. My research has been presented at various national and international conferences and published in journals, monographs, and conference proceedings.

I have extensive experience in serving professional organizations, such as reviewing manuscripts/proposals and serving on the program committees. I have participated activities of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA) over a decade, reviewing manuscripts, serving on the Local Organizing Committee, and leading working groups. I have served on the Program Committee twice for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). I also organized a topic study group (i.e., mathematics in and for work) with scholars from various countries at the International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME) 2012.