Project #3: System Definition/Information Systems

(Due 10/19/05) Team Project 75 points

System Definition:

1)      Select a business that you are familiar with.  Create an Input-Processing-Output (IPO) model for that business, using factory system model on  p.108  in your book.  Change only the material level of the model, creating pictures relevant to your chosen business.  Keep the information level and decision-maker sections the same.  Explain the model. (10 points)


2)      Define the goal of that business.  Identify and define two measurable results of that business (e.g: increase profit by 20% in one year, use numbers!) (10 points)


3)      List four obstacles of the business (two internal and two external obstacles).  Explain why your choices could be obstacles, and explain what the company does

           (or could do) to cope with the problems (be specific). (10 points)


4)      Choose four major views of that business including geographic view, communication view, and two of your choice.  Explain why those views are important for the company, and how they are implemented by the company, please be specific and provide examples. Use p.111-114 in your book as guide (10 points) 


Information Systems:

5)      Using the same company, choose an Information System, describe and explain its  IPSO (Input, Procedure, Storage, and Output) 15 points

Input: list and explain all input

Procedure: explain the procedure used to manipulate the input

Storage:  describe the files used in the storage

            Output: list and describe the output

Please specify the area of the organization where the Information System is used (H/R, Accounting, Marketing)


6)     Create a model patterned on figure 4-5 p.91 in your book.  Replace the generic input and output units of cognition with specific input and output involved in the selected Information System.  Provide a procedure example in the procedure area, and files example in the storage area, you do not need to include the information quality in the model  (10 points)  



A printed paper seriously constructed and stapled with the following features:

  1. Cover page (see syllabus)
  2. Table of contents
  3. An executive summary (5 points)
  4. Self-evaluations
  5. References.

Cover page, Table of Contents, Self-evaluations, and References are worth (5 points).


Font size #12, and double spaced!