Project  IV – BUS 2700 (TEAM) 100 points

 Due November 28

Enterprise Model


Purpose: To research a company as it moves from the Industrial Age to the Information Age


1.                  Select a business from the industrial sector of the economy such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction or other.  You can use the same company you worked on for project #3.  Pick a company large enough to be involved in the global economy.  Research: (20 points)

    1. Mission, goal, strategy
    2. Product/service portfolio
    3. Market share, profit dynamics (make graph or chart)
    4. Employment structure ( Headquarter, number of employees, hiring procedure)


2.                  Company’s key factors (30 points)

    1. List and explain three key success factors (be specific)
    2. List and explain three key weakness factors (be specific)


3.  Describe the technology used by the company in two major areas of the organization, example: Production, Marketing, Human Resources (10 points)


 4.  Create an information business model for the company using figure 8-5 on page 246. Include only those work systems and business organizations components ( 2-3 components) that apply to your business.  Explain why you have included those components, and explain how relevant they are  to your business.  (20 points)


Content of your report:


  1. An Executive Summary with a brief history/background of the company selected, and an overview of the project. (10 points) 1 page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Self-assessment
  4. References
  5. Cover page (see syllabus), Table of Contents, and References (10 points)