Spring Semester 2014

Thursdays 4:05 to 5:00 pm in the Alavi Commons Room (6625 Everett Tower)

Refreshments at 3:50 pm

Date Speaker Topic
16 January Dr. Arthur White (WMU) Some Famous Mathematicians I Have Known (abstract)
13 February Dr. Allen Schwenk (WMU) Independence Sequences in a graph, constrained and unconstrained (abstract)
20 February Dr.Andrzej Dudek (WMU) A brief introduction to Ramsey Theory (abstract)
27 February Dr. Leonard Scott (U. of Virginia) Finite and algebraic groups, some history and recent insights (abstract)
13 March Dr. Alexander Razborov (U. of Chicago) Flag Algebras (abstract)
20 March Dr. Asen Dontchev (Math Reviews, AMS) Inverse functions theorems: old and new (abstract)
3 April Special Session New Technologies and Resources at WMU (abstract)
Dr. Dan Litynski (VP for Research) Opening Remarks
Mr Edward Eckel (Engineering/Science Librarian) The University Libraries: Your Tool for Teaching and Research
Dr. Jay Hoinville (Office of the VP for Research) Discovery Tools: the Discovery Expert system and the Proposal Approval Form system
10 April Dr. Rafal Goebel (Loyola U.) Convex conjugacy and Lyapunov functions (abstract)
17 April Dr. Leticia Barchini (Oklahoma State U.) Constructing Unitary Representations (abstract)

Students are especially invited to attend the Department Colloquium talks to learn more about modern mathematical research directions.

Please direct comments and questions regarding the colloquium to iouri(dot)lediaev(at)wmich(dot)edu.

WMU Department of Mathematics