Values on humans day to day living


            Have you ever thought of the values that you yourself actually have? From doing all these logs I have realized that from having key values that I gained in my life it will just continue to be beneficial to my day-to-day living. From doing the gratitude and kindness log it has made me become more confident with helping people out, and overall just makes me happier to realize how much I am helping people out, which makes me just want to keep doing it. Another log that was extremely interesting was my eating log. I find this really interesting because seeing how much soda I drink really makes me wonder if I should slim down on it. Realizing that I drink pop almost every day makes me want to try and challenge myself to at least sliming down to drinking it three times a week, and then eventually narrow it down to not drinking soda at all.

            There were a couple activities that I found very challenging for me to think of ideas to write. Knowing this I know that I need to work on those values more and more to where I can think of them as soon as I read it. The first activity that I found difficult is financial wellness. Being a college student having 15 credit hours it is hard for me to work a 40-hour shift like I used too. Now only being able to get 20-30 hours of work is a huge factor in not being able to get myself things I want instead I’m spending it on gas money or on food.  Also the Positive and optimistic thinking log was tough for me. This is hard for me because I need to see that this log is applied to the real world.  Once that happens I will be able to apply these traits to almost every situation by stepping back and reevaluating situations not only for the negative aspects but throwing in positive aspects as well.  My Eating and sleeping logs will need some improvement, but once I move out of the dorms and I can make my own food, the less greasy more healthy foods that will make my food log look like a lot more better choices in food and drinks.  My sleeping log will be improving once it is done snowing. This will help because I wont be going out at 2am to work then going to school all day. Having that job makes it hard for me to get sleep and concentrate while in class.


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