Collegiate Objective

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On a personal level I have always been a person that believed in getting everything out of life that is offered to you.  I am older but I think that an education is the best thing that could happen to anyone in life.  I went to College in 1974 shortly after graduation, made it to my sophomore years, fell in love got married and had Children.  After the Children my college days were over, at least that’s what I thought.

Actually, I return to School to prove a point and I always wanted a college degree so I decided my point was worth proving.  My youngest child had life twisted.  She had the Kalamazoo promise 100%, attempted college and came home every day, crying “I can’t do this it’s too hard.  I just could not let all of that free education go down the drain, so I decided to go back to college and show her it could be done, or more less how to do it.  After my first semester and my daughter noticed I was really doing it, after not being in school in over 30 years.  She decided to return to school and today I am so proud of her because she just graduated to her profession in June of 2010.  However, it’s taking me a little bit longer because of other responsibilities, but what I set out to do worked.  I am a junior and hopefully I can get out of college within the next year or two, and I have no question that I will find something to do with my degree.   No matter how old you are, there is always someone out there looking for someone who can do the job and do it right.  Also, I wanted to be a positive influence for my grandchildren, which are my world.   While there looking minds are still developing I want college instilled in their little heads. So they will know that college is not an opportunity it’s a MUST!  Check out my grandchildren right here on my web page, YOU WILL ENJOY THEN TOO.