Collegiate Objective 
There are many things that I'd hoped to accomplish by going to college. First and formost, earning a degree was at the top of the list. I have always been pushed by m parents to challenge myself and by going to college I hope that I can prove to not only them but to myself that I can succeed at anything I try. All in all, I hope to take away many experiences from going to WMU.
Not only did I come with the intention to get a degree, I came to meet new friends and to network with the colleages that I have in my classes. I'm hoping that the connections I make here can help carry me succesfully for the rest of my career. I will most definetily hit some bumps and go through some obstacles, but on a proffessional level I hope that graduated from Western Michigans business college will take me far. I am determind to graduate and am more than halfway there! When I graduate, I plan on moving to California or Colorado to look for other entreprenuers like myself in hopes of finding a business parnter to open up a new business. Without the help and encouragment of the Western Michigan University staff, I would never aspire to have these dreams. Thank you WMU!