I am a woman in the business field. More and more women are stepping into the business field and one thing I've learned from
my business classes so far is that women have a few obstacles in this proffesion that men dont have, and there are obstacles that men
have that women dont. I further researched this claim in the Western Michigan Online Library.
The book I found most information was Women in Business- Navigating Career Success. The four authors (Holton, Viki, Dent, Fiona Elsa) do a wonderful job of veiwing all angles of what its like to be in business. There were four early career issues that were prevalent during the research of the four authors. The first and the one that made the most sense to me personally is early opportunites that were missed because of anticipated life plans. (Holton, viki, Dent, Elsa, 31). There are a lot of women out there who start to plan a little too early when thinking about their futures. Because of that, many of them miss opporunities regarding their careers at a young age. I plan on trying my hardest to take all the oppotunites that are given to me!
"The things that have held me back are only my fears and the choices I've made- some conscionsly, sume unconscionsly- no external factors."
-Survey Quote
Women continue to be their own worst enimies in the workforce. There are many factors that go into this statement. Some of the main factrs that were highlited in the book were limiting beliefs, family issues, work colleagies, personal style and skill, lack of organizational support, gender issues, taking the wrong path, and politics and bureaucracy. (Holton, Viki, Dent, Elsa pg 67). Family issues may be the biggest influence in a womans decisions. A wife and mother are what a lot of women inspire to be, and if they arent, society tells them to. That alone will influence a womans decision in the workforce and career as well.
Another book that I found to be ineresting was the Women in Business : Theory, Case Studies, and Legal Challenges by Martha Reeves. This book had the same ideas as the one before but hit more on the legal issues that come hand and hand with women in the business field. Misconseption of women friendliness is a big issue when it comes to women in business. People flirt for all types of reasons, sex, exploration, and for the sake of self esteem. (Reeves, 181). On the other hand, a lot of times women are just being nice and men take it the wrong way leading to awkward and uncomfortable work situations.
All in all I hope to overcome the challenges of being a woman in the business area. There are a lot f obstacles, but I know as a leader that I can overcome all of them and compete with all people and genders for the best job.

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