This is just some of my work:

Blink 182 is said to be one of the best punk rock bands in te history of punk rock.
The way that they use their instruments and the specific sound of their
songs is what sets them apart from most other bands. In this research paper I will tell you
why they were such an influential band in punk rock revival.

Starting back in the 1970s is when punk rock first started. Many people say that the founder of
punk rock was the infamous band the ramones. This is true, but it also ended with the ramones for
a good 15 years. At the end of those 15 years bands like green day and Blink 182 started forming
and that is when punk rock started taking off. Now a days bands like fall out boy, panic at the disco
and many others have said that they started off as a blink 182 cover band and that blink 182 was
a direct influence in their music.

That is just half a page of my research. That research paper was formed from using the web, and the WMU
library services.