Reference items used in MAME 2006 Presentation on
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

Panel Presenters included: Charlotte Poole, Retired Media Specialist, Lakeshore Middle School: Diane Nye, Media Specialist, Clarke Elementary School, St. Joseph, MI: Ren Baldwin, Technology Coordinator, St. Joseph Public Schools: and Howard Poole, Retired Professor, Educational Technology Program, Western Michigan University. The presentation occurred on Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 10:45 AM in Grand Rapids, MI.

Powerpoint Presentation used during MAME 2006

This is the major organizer for the presentation and can be downloaded and used as you wish.

"Did You Know" Powerpoint - Michigan Department of Education

Parts of this presentation on were used in our presentation. Many facts about the changing technology and unique situation of U.S. in the world population. Very interesting!

Bibliography handed out during MAME Presentation

One page list of books related to the topic of the presentation. Additional reading opportunities.

Additional online references regarding Thomas Friedman

Other online references concerning Thomas Freidman and his book

Byron Dorgan Bio

Short Bio on Senator Dorgan who wrote new book "Take This Job and Ship It". Book includes a chapter on Freidman's book. Many of Mr. Dorgan's ideas are currently being used by people running for public office this Fall.

Book Review - Take This Job and Ship It

Interesting review of Mr. Dorgan's Book

This next group of items deals with a recent report on "Insourced Jobs" in the U.S. funded by companies outside the U.S. This is the opposite of "outsourcing" of jobs and is part of "The World is Flat's" concept of jobs moving around the world.

National Editoral on Insourced Jobs
National Study of Insourced Jobs (PDF File)
Editoral on Insourced Jobs in Michigan (250,000 jobs)

The following web references deal with the growing practice of online tutoring.

Offshore Tutoring Service (PDF file)
Offshore Spanish Language Tutors

The following is a similar powerpoint on the same topic used in March 2006 at the MACUL Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

Powerpoint Used at 2006 MACUL Presntation

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