April 26,  2008

2008 Conference – Grayling, MI

Michigan Lakes and Streams Association

Prepared by Charlotte and Howard Poole

CPoole@remc11.k12.mi.us and mailto:Poole@wmich.edu



List of Resources for the Riparian – April 2008


Informational Books


1.    A Citizenıs Guide for the Identification, Mapping, and Management of the Common Rooted Aquatic Plants of Michigan Lakes  by Howard Wandell and Lois Wolfson, Michigan State University Extension, 2007


2.    Cottage Bible by Gerry Mackie and Laura Elise Taylor, Boston Mills Press, 2007.


3.    Cold. Clear, and Deadly by Melvin J. Visser. Michigan State University Press, 2007.


4.    Evolution of the Great Lakes water quality agreement by Lee Botts and Paul Muldoon, Michigan State University Press, 2005.


5.    The Great Lakes Cottage Book, by Ed Wargin & Kathy-Jo Wargin, Sleeping bear Press, 2000


6.    The Great Lakes Water Wars by Peter Annin. Island Press, 2006.


7.    Guide to Great Lakes Coastal Plants by Ellen Elliott Weatherbee, University of Michigan Press, 2004.


8.    Islands, Great Lakes Stories by Gerry Volgenau. Ann Arbor Media Group. 2005.


9.    The Living Great Lakes, Search for the Heart of the Inland Seas by Jerry Dennis. St. Martinıs Press, 2003.


10. Maintaining a Vacation Home by Steve Grooms.  Creative Publishing, 2006.


11. Michigan Wetlands - Yours to Protect: A Citizen's Guide to Wetland Protection.   By Wilfred Cwikiel. Petoskey, MI: Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, 2003.


12. On the brink: the Great Lakes in the 21st century by Dave Dempsey, Michigan State University Press, 2004.


13. A Riparianıs Guide for Self-Help Inland Lake Water Quality Management.   Cooperative Extension Service, Michigan State University . Nov. 1979


14. Saving the Family Cottage by Stuart J. Hollander, Esq. Pleasant City Press.  2007


15. Water: Opposing Viewpoints   Greenhaven Press. 1994.


16. Water follies: groundwater pumping and the fate of America's fresh waters by Robert Glennon, Island Press, 2002.


Books for Pleasure


17. Fresh Water; Women Writing on the Great Lakes, Alison Swan, Editor. Michigan State University Press. 2006. 


18. Peninsula, Essays and Memories from Michigan. Ed. By Michael Steinberg.  Michigan State University Press, 2000.


19. A Place on the Water, An anglerıs Reflections on Home by Jerry Dennis. St. Martinıs Press. 1993.


20. Shoreline: seasons at the lake by Elizabeth A. Schultz. Michigan StateUniversity Press, 2001.


21. Up to the Lake by Tom Hegg, Waldmqn House Press, Inc.  1986


22. The Waters of Michigan by David Lubbers and Dave Dempsey, Michigan State University Press, April 2008.


23. The Womenıs Great Lakes Reader by Victoria Brehm. Ladyslipper Press, 2000.


Just for kids (or those who are kids)


24. Buck Wilderıs Small Fry Fishing Guide by Tim Smith and Mark Herrick. Alexander and Smith Pub.  1995


25. Buck Wilderıs Small Twig Hiking and Camping Guide by Tim Smith and Hark Herrick.   Alexander and Smith Pub.  1997.


26. Legend of Sleeping Bear by Kathy-jo Wargin. Sleeping Bear Press, 1998.


27. The Legend of Mackinac Island by Kathy-jo Wargin. Sleeping Bear Press, 1999.


28. Watersheds, A Practical Handbook for Healthy Water by Clive Dobson and Gregory Gilpin Beck. Firefly books, 1999.






            Whisper in the Woods, Nature Journal, Kimberli A. Bindschatel, Editor in

                        Chief, Turning Leaf Productions, LLC.  $24.00 (4 issues)/year.

            Michigian Blue Magazine

            Lake- Lifestyles on Lake Michigan Magazine

            Michigan Riparian – Online at http://www.mi-riparian.org/

            Northern Home and Cottage

            Shore Magazine


Online Resources


Michigan Lakes and Streams Association – http://www.mlswa.org/


MEL eLibrary -  http://www.mel.org

            MelCAT - http://elibrary.mel.org/search


State of Washignton Water Resources –





Michigan Land Use Institute – www.mlui.org


            Water Works – Report on water resources in MI


            The Shoreline Guide – sample ordinances



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency





Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources




Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Guide to Ohio Streams



Minnesota Shoreland Management  Resource Guide




The Izaak Walton League of America –

                        Stream Corridor Enhancements Methods –


                        Clean Boats Campaign - http://www.iwla.org/index.php?id=461


Water and Riparian Rights Reference List Qustia



Water and Riparian Rights Book list from Allbookstores.com



Water Related Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


            Michigan Lake Water Clarity


            Carl – Conservation and Recreational Lands in Midwest


            Underground Mapping Project (MDEQ – USGS – MSU


            Michigan Surface Water Information Management (MiSWIM)


         MDEQ Groundwater Modeling Program (GMP)


            Michigan Center for Geographic Information


Michigan Sea Grant  Project – NOAA, MSU, U of M




Special Thanks


            We would like to thank the following people who assisted us in getting this list together

            because without their help some of these resources would not have been made possible.


            Michigan State University Press

            Library of Michigan and Karen Reisch

            MEL and Suzanne Robinson

            Rose Hollander

            Kimberli Bindschatel

            Various libraries in Michigan:

                        Lincoln Twp. Library, Stevensville; Southwestern Michigan College

                        Library, Dowagiac District Library, Cass County District Library,

                        Western Michigan University Libraries.