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EDT 6460 Assignment Summaries - Spring 2006
Globalization and Educational Technology

This page is set up to provide feedback to the students in the Spring EDT 6460 Class on their assignments. The website will also be shared with people who attend a presentation on Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat" at the MACUL Conference in March 2006

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Assignment I - Online Book Reviews

Assignment II - Timelines for Friedman "Flatteners"

Assignment III - Timelines for Schools-Non-Schools

Assignment IV - Job Task Analysis re. Globalization

Assignment V - Survey for Dirty Little Secrets

Assignment VI - Compassionate Flatism

Assignment VII - Rule for Coping with Globaliaztion

Assignment VIII - Geopolitics and Globalization

Assignment IX - Future Career Plans

EDT 6460 Course Syllabus

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