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This document contains the following lists of information: my professional work experiences, professional writings since 1991, professional presentations since 1991, and history of academic research activities.

Personal Data:

Howard R. Poole, Jr.
31594 Maple Island
Dowagiac, MI 49047
Home phone (616) 424-3221
Business phone (616) 387-6050
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Warren Central High School - Indianapolis, Ind. (1958-1961)
Purdue University - 1965 - B.S. Agriculture
Purdue University - 1967 - M.S. Reproductive Physiology
Purdue University - 1967 - Certification for Teaching
Purdue University - 1971 - Ph.D. Educational Research

Professional Work Experience:

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1 - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI: Professor, Special Education, April, 1995 - Present, Dr. Alonzo Hannaford, Chairperson, Special Education Department

I joined the Special Education Department in the College of Education in April 1995 after a year-long sabbatical leave studying distance education systems. Besides teaching and research, my duties will include some Department and College-wide efforts in distance education and instructional technology.

2 - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI: Director, Division of Media Services, July 1989 - August 1994, Dr. Harley Behm, Director, Computing and Communication Services

Division of Media Services (DMS) provides a variety of instructional support services to the University community including direct support for teaching offered to students, faculty and academic departments. The Division also provides significant support for public service functions and for faculty research. The four units that make up the Division included WMUK Radio, Media Production, Faculty Development Services, and Technical Services. Responsibility includes general supervision of thirty-eight employees and a yearly budget of $1,900,000.

3 - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI: Head of the Office of Instructional Development and Professor of Instructional Communication, 1973-1989, Dr. A. Bruce Clarke, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Office facilitates instructional improvement activities on a University-wide basis including consulting on instructional improvement topics, sponsoring inservice classes, supporting instructional improvement grants, a Student Assistantship Awards Program, a student rating system, and in general, promoting the improvement of instruction.

4 - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI: Coordinator of Project EXCITE (EXpanding with Computer and Information TEchnology), 1983 - 1988, Dr. Michael Moskovis, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Project EXCITE was an institutional development effort to promote use of computers/information technology and includes consulting activities, inservice computer literacy classes, sponsorship of teleconferences, sale of computer equipment and software, displays/exhibits, guest speakers, and other activities to facilitate use of computers by faculty, staff, and students of the University.

5 - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI: Supervisor of the Microcomputer Sales Program, January, 1984 - 1988, Dr. Michael Moskovis, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Microcomputer Sales Program provides discounted computer equipment and software for resale to W.M.U. faculty, staff, and students and includes pre-sales consulting, handling of all sales bookkeeping and paper work, pre-delivery check-out of equipment, and post sales consulting. The sales program averages $1,250,000 in sales per year with 600 plus systems handled during 1987.

6 - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI: Interim Associate Director of the Office of Faculty Development, November - May, 1988, Merge of Faculty Development with Instructional Development 1990-91, Dr. A. Bruce Clarke, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Office on a University-wide basis assists faculty with their professional responsibilities of teaching, scholarly research, and public service including providing consulting services, organizing inservice workshops, awarding grants, and promoting professional development activities.

7 - Lake Michigan College, Benton Harbor, MI: Director of Instructional Media and Faculty Member, March, 1971 - February, 1973, Dr. Walter Browe, President

Instructional Media provides audio visual media support to the instructional staff and programs of the College including maintenance and repair of audio visual equipment, film loan and rental services, management of audio laboratory, instructional development consulting, and other activities to promote improvements in instruction. Director also taught Introductory Biology and Speech classes.

Professional Writings (Since 1991):

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Professional Presentations (Since 1991):

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History of Research Activities:

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Research Associate/Science Consultant, Wabash Valley Education Center, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1968-1970 (USOE Grant # 67-0337-1)

(Developmental research on the audio-tutorial science teaching methodology; field research on elementary science instruction; research on science achievement with first grade students, special education students, junior high students, and inter city, disadvantaged students; and research on teacher behaviors and learning centers.)

Institutional Researcher, Office of Instructional Development, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 1973-Present

(Numerous institutional studies for the evaluation and improvement of instructional materials, academic classes, faculty teaching skills, curriculum improvement, and student achievement; survey of public interest in non-traditional forms of instruction; and developmental research on inservice activities for faculty.)

Curriculum Specialist for Re-Entry Project, Occupational Therapy Department, Western Michigan University, 1979-81 (Grant# 12AH90128-01)

(Various needs surveys, evaluations of self-instructional materials, and consultation on instructional development for re-entry Occupational Therapists.)

Consultant on Instructional Development for Community Mental Health Board Videotape Training Program, Center for Human Services, College of Health and Human Services, Western Michigan University, 1981-82

(Provide consulting services to a team of faculty developing training materials for community mental health board members.)

Institutional Researcher, Project EXCITE (EXpanding with Computers and Information TEchnology), Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 1984-90

(Numerous institutional studies focusing on the improvement of computer use and the understanding of computers by university faculty and staff including studies on inservice training needs, microcomputer purchase plans and options, use of word processing, computers in instruction, teaching writing with computers, and other forms of computer technology.)

Institutional Researcher, Division of Media Services, Western Michigan University, 1989 - Present

(Numerous studies focusing on use of various forms of instructional media (especially computers) and educational technology, the teaching of university classes, and distance education applications.)

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Created by Howard Poole

Last Edited on April 29 ,2002