Collegiate Objective

My long tern Collegiate Objective for my four years at Western Michigan University is to graduate with a major in integrated supply chain management and have a job set up so i can start my successful career in the business world. To this, I have several short term goals to achieve my ultimate goal.

Fist I plan to end my freshmen year with a 3.5 GPA or better. First semester I achieved a 3.55, it was a great start and I’m projected at a 3.4 before finals. My GPA is important to be because I have to have above a 3.0 to apply to the ISM school. I took this very seriously first semester and hit the books hard. I plan on keeping this goal throughout every semester.

My second goal to before graduating is to set up an internship for summer 2015. Internships are important to getting experience and getting a job when I graduate. Companies such a Stryker, john-Deer and Boeing all hire ISM majors. This looks great on a resume and gives me experience in the field which is why it’s one of my goals throughout college

with addition to getting good grades and getting an internships my third goal is to become the leader of my fraternity Pi Kappa Phi. My fraternity has given me the drive and motivation to excel in school and better myself and my community in all that I do. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be here the person I am today if I didn’t become a brother of Pi kappa Phi. I want to work my up the executive council to become the Archon or President and lead the chapter to becoming an ideal chapter.

My goals and objectives are clear to me, I have all the resources and information I need to succeed. I’m excited for the time come and see myself excel in completing them. Time flies, it won’t be long before I’m walking out of Kalamazoo with a degree in my hand off to continue my life.