Collegiate Objective

On a personal level, I am attending college to become more independant and to learn to be mature. Although my main focus is on my studies, college brings much more to the table. The hardest thing to do is to manage your time wisely; when I graduate with a degree, I hope to have practiced time management enough to help me with my career and life following college. Personally, I think that setting goals for yourself is crucial to your college experience; I believe each goal, no matter how big or small builds on your previous goals and accomplishments. There is no one way to achieve your goals. Sometimes you can remove a smaller goal, and still accomplish your bigger goal. Sometimes you need to rethink your plan to reach your goals. Sometimes you even need to re-evaluate the goal itself to understand why it is a goal. Don't be afraid to modify your plans or your goals. As you work toward your dream, circumstances change. Interests change. People change. Always try to work in some flexibility to deal with such change.


Phil Isbell