Web hosting is a field I am heavily interested in and may build my career around in the future. It is a massive industry, most of the businesses operating through small operations. In the world of web hosting, it’s not always the largest company with the most influence that provides the best product for the cheapest price. There is many individualized niches that come with the field. With the billions of users utilizing the internet, that means there’s only an ever-growing market for development. That translates into a business opportunity and an expanding market.

Web hosting is essential to the internet as all websites need to have a place for their files to be stored. The costs of running a server amount to nearly nothing when they’re hosted by an independent company, so the profit margin has potential to be very large. The only real costs in today’s industry are the initial investment, the cost of maintenance, and the licensing fees. To get a decent sized virtual server, you’re looking at about 8 dollars per month, for the licensing of the programs you’ll need, you’re looking at about another 12 dollars a month. This adds up to be about a base charge of 21 dollars per month.

What does that mean in terms of profitability? Well, typical prices can range from 99 cents per month per client, to around 10 dollars per month per client. These servers can safely hold around 200 clients. Assuming you’re making 5 dollars per client per month, and taking out the expense of the server and licensing, you’re making a good $244 dollar paycheck every week at maximum capacity. This is an exciting market to get into, and it’s not very difficult to learn!

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