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AVS 3220 Navigation and International Flight Planning

AVS 4240 Corporate Flight Management

AVS 4280 International Aviation

AVS 5100 Safety Management Systems in Aviation

PSY 5400 Psychology of Safety


Current Safety Performance Research

High Risk Research Laboratory

Experiential Information for Professor Rantz

2015 Vitae

Academic & Professional Education

Papers Published by Dr. Rantz

An Early Aviation Influence

Important Research Links

The links below are of special interest to me and often coincide with or support the research I am pursuing within the College. Many of these links are safety psychology research, training, performance improvement, and education.

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Air Medical Journal

Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research

Aerospace Medical Association

FAA Human Factors Group

FAA Aerospace Medicine

Aerospace Human Factors Association

The International Journal of Aviation Psychology

Civil Aero Medical Institute

Association for Aviation Psychology

Australian Aviation Psychology Association

CRM Book Store

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan

LOSA Collaborative

Aviation Human Factors - Abstracts

Bad Human Factor Designs

Journal of Air Transportation

Eurocontrol Human Factors


Women in Aviation

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Air Transport Association

Airline Pilots Association

International Aerobatics Club

Organization of Black Airline Pilots

Tuskegee Airmen

National Association of Flight Instructors

Experimental Aircraft Association

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Crew Process Systems

CPS uses the psychology of Applied Behavior Analysis to examine and explain crew performance in a complex environment. This model was developed in collaboration with William Rantz Ph.D., Ryan Olson Ph.D., Sean Laraway Ph.D., Susan Szynerski Ph.D., Jack Michael Ph.D., Dick Malott Ph.D., and Alyce Dickinson Ph.D. College of Aviation and Department of Psychology-WMU.

WMU-College of Aviation Study Abroad Opportunity in Melbourne, Australia!

Other Important Items an Aviation Professional Might Need to Know!

Flight Safety Foundation

FAA-NTSB Accident-Incident Database

Natures Ornithopters


How Stuff Works-Aviation

DTC DUAT Flight Planning

CSC DUAT Flight Planning

WMU Career & Student Services


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