AVS 4240 Quiz 1


1. What can be said for face-to-face contact in the art of making the deal?


2. What are three drawbacks for corporations to use the airlines?


3. What can be said of business aviation growth during the 1930s?


4. List one tangible (not difficult to measure) and one intangible (difficult to measure) benefit from using business aircraft.


5. What type of aircraft would you consider if you determined the company owner flew less than 500 miles with perhaps 3-4 people per trip?


6. As of today, what is the future projections (increase/decrease/stay the same) of corporate aircraft hulls in business aviation?


7. What was the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 and how did it help GA?




8. List 5 of the 11 possible aeronautical services that an FBO may provide.




9. What are the advantages to the corporation for leasing an aircraft?


10. What is the number of airports that can serve corporate aircraft?


11. What is the highest activity for workers to perform while onboard the corporate aircraft?


12. Why is the value of time regarding it's executives, so important to a company?


13. What is the ratio or fraction of direct operating costs between a single-engine turboprop (TBM 850) and small twin-engine turbojet (Embraer Phenom 300)?


14. What is special about the Lockheed Jetstar and the Learjet?


15. What is an ATA?



Please complete and bring to class on______ .