AVS 4240 Quiz 2


1. What is important about a list of aircraft users?


2. What is an air transportation analysis (ATA) and list the 3 main components?


3. What is a city-pair analysis?


4. For future travel needs, how far should you project into the future?


5. In evaluating aircraft types, what are some considerations that would go into a selection decision?


6. What can be said about talking to individuals which already use a specific aircraft type and similar operation?


7. Briefly explain fractional ownership.


8. Identify one fixed and one variable operating costs.


9. Why might a company buy an aircraft as opposed to leasing an aircraft?


10. As the hourly use of the aircraft increases, what happens to the hourly fixed operating costs?


11. What is a chargeback?



12. How are FBOs and other general aviation businesses distinctly different?



13. What is the significance of the General Aviation Revitalization Act?


14. What is the trend (through 2025) of general aviation in terms of hulls produced and flight hours?


15. What are the 4 ways an aviation business might grow it's client base?



Please complete and bring to class on_______.