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Welcome to Hist 3600:
The Medieval World

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Course Description
History 360 explores the formation of European civilization, stressing social, economic, political, and cultural history from ancient times to the fifteenth century. Designed to introduce topics in medieval history, the course begins by asking what ideas and institutions were inherited from ancient times. The course then examines Carolingian order, the "feudal revolution," reform in the Church, monarchy comparatively in England and France, the revival of learning, the development of a distinctive European society, and the transformations of the later Middle Ages.

Tree of Jesse
The "Tree of Jesse" commissioned by Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis (1120-1151). Notice the patron himself is depicted in the lower right corner.

How to Use This Page
Students should familiarize themselves with the syllabus and all of the items available in the e-classroom which contains course specific handouts, advice, and assignments. The syllabus and this page will be updated during the semester and these changes will be noted on the announcements page.

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